Revitalizing America’s
Middle Class

Our vision is to create a replicable, scalable, and sustainable model that will transform the lives of cost-burdened residents throughout the nation.

Veritas Impact Partners is the missing ingredient needed to support a dramatic increase in stabilizing workforce housing availability.

  • We serve as the action-arm to investors and developers looking to drive community development.
  • We are flexible, nimble, and scalable.
  • We are engagement ninjas ready to fortify resident health and social wellness so we can deliver lower renter turnover rates, increased community awareness, and long-term financial stability to our most vulnerable population – workforce housing residents.

Veritas Impact Partners are the neighbors every resident needs.

The Working Family Crisis
America is Facing

Over 20 Million Renters in America are Cost-Burdened.

41% of Americans are unable to cover a $500 emergency, and a high percentage of these people work full-time, often performing essential jobs. They live under the constant threat of financial ruin despite the contributions they make to their communities.


The Missing Middle

Ineligible for most government assistance programs, but still vulnerable enough to lose everything from a single event – a flat tire, an ambulance ride, or an unexpected bill – this is the demographic of our society that we call the Missing Middle. They are the people and essential workers every town needs, from dental hygienists to teachers to firefighters. Despite their careers, they are paying over 30% of their income for housing.

Veritas Impact Partners

Building Equity in People’s Lives


Building community through radical resident engagement.

Through strategic and specific marketing, community assessments, and engagement opportunities, Veritas radically engages property residents in authentic relationships that enhance community and lead residents to pathways of sustainability.


Innovative programs focused on health & wellness, education, and economic advancement.

Through Rental Assistance, Healthcare, and Resident Resources, Veritas focuses on delivering innovative programs that address the core needs to stabilize workforce housing residents.


Cultivating and encouraging neighbors to their next step.

Veritas Impact Partners initiates resident councils that launch community growth and provide one-on-one concierge services.

“Every day a workforce housing resident helps your life run smoothly. From the gas station attendant to the internet installer to the teacher, medical assistant, grocery clerk, restaurant server, and beyond… A team of neighbors supports you, it’s time we supported them.” 

Cheers to Community! Let’s transform the landscape.

Jennifer Searles

Our Mission in Action

Advocate and Change-Maker for the Missing Middle Class

Transforming the country’s workforce housing landscape by supporting cost-burdened residents in building equity in health, education, and economic advancement.

Veritas Impact Partners is the catalyst that can transform communities and deliver the outcomes that will create a healthier, safer, more stabilized, and equitable neighborhood.

Using high-touch resident engagement to deliver innovative programs that are scalable, replicable, and sustainable, we can create a thriving opportunity for every stakeholder in the apartment ecosystem.

Relationship-Based Community Support

Bringing our services to their living rooms.