Building Equity
in People’s Lives

Veritas Impact Partners is the “S” in our owner operator’s “ESG” plans.  In other words, we are the SOCIAL impact partner for our communities’ Environmental, Social, and Governance plans.

Through Radical Resident Engagement, our Social Impact programs deliver maximum impact in the lives of our residents and the communities we serve.

Impact Is Our Specialty


The Veritas Difference that
Creates Trust with Residents

Jennifer Searles, CEO of Veritas, joins Lance Pederson with the Real Estate Risk Report Podcast.  She shares how Veritas Impact Partners plays a crucial role in building a community that thrives and supports one another.

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Health Care Access
to All Residents

Veritas was the first organization to offer Teladoc access outside of a corporate HR package.  Our partnership allows us to give the gift of health care access to every single resident that lives in the properties we serve.

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What does Radical Resident
Engagement look like?

3,358 resident engagements
672 engagements per month
2.6 touches per unit, per month

Your Living Room is Our Office

Cultivating Positive
Social Impact

We build equity and strengthen our communities every day through our Radical Resident Engagement programs that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Monthly and quarterly Social Impact reports measure key data points for our investors.
No Poverty
Good Health And Well Being
Quality Education
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Sustainable Cities and Communities

“No one should live under the weight of cost burden, especially not those working full-time in essential roles, but the struggles faced by a family living under cost burden are not self-contained — they affect everyone in the community around them. We lose good people to homelessness and overwhelming debt when we can’t protect the Missing Middle.

It is a privilege serving our communities creating opportunities for positive social impact.”

Jennifer Searles

National Launch

Our Radical Resident Engagement Social Programs are replicable and scalable. Our sustainable model will transform the lives of cost-burdened residents throughout the nation. Now ready to serve Texas and Georgia.
Community Is Our Mission — Revitalizing America’s Middle Class Can End Poverty

Relationship-Based Community Support

Bringing our services to their living rooms.