We Are The Neighbors Every
Resident Needs

The founders of Veritas Impact Partners deeply believe that compassion, community, and human connection are ultimately the way we all thrive and move towards a world that works for all.

Our innovative programs are producing strong, measurable results, and we believe that we are the missing ingredient needed to support a dramatic increase in workforce housing availability.

  • We are serving the missing middle, those whom no one else is serving.
  • We see that this group of society can fall or fly. We are committed to them taking flight.
  • We are measuring living room conversations that bring health, education, and economic advancement – not bingo nights or pizza parties.


Comunidad Realty Partners
Bellweather Enterprise

What We Do Reflects Who We Are

Making a difference matters to us.

Who We Are - Jennifer Searles - CEO Veritas Impact Partners

Jennifer Searles

Chief Executive Officer

Inspiring New Pathways to Solving Problems

Matching people’s hearts with people’s needs.

With 19 years of non-profit leadership, Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to Veritas. She is mission-driven with a strong core value that is the backbone of her innovative, radical resident engagement approach—one-to-one relationships are essential.

Jennifer knows that every strategy she implements is for the larger cause of betterment for the Veritas residents—every choice she makes is an opportunity to change someone’s life.

Often called a matchmaker, Jennifer instinctively inspires connections between those fortunate and compassionately moved to assist others and the needs of the residents she serves.

United on Transforming the Landscape
of Workforce Housing



Community is our mission.

Veritas delivers the right service at the right time. The Missing Middle class is our community.


Building Communities. Enriching Lives.

How A Community is Giving Residents Desirable, Affordable Housing.


Better Living — Investing in Communities

Thrive FP and Veritas Create Safer Investments by Prioritizing the Tenants

Informed Evidence-Based Strategies
Married with the Heart’s Vision

The people – the Missing Middle Class, our workforce housing, and community essential workers – are our focus.
Then our partners help us find new service models to meet identified needs. Being a change-maker in Texas is our first step, then having the ability to implement replicable and scalable platforms to address a national crisis is our ultimate vision.

Our Culture and
Readiness to Serve

  • We serve as the action-arm to investors and developers looking to drive community development
  • We are flexible, nimble, and scalable.
  • We are engagement ninjas ready to fortify resident health and social wellness so we can deliver lower renter turnover rates, increased community awareness, and long-term financial stability to our most vulnerable population – workforce housing residents.
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Antonio Marquez – Principal, Comunidad Realty Partners (Co-Chair)
  • JP Newman – Founder & CEO, Thrive FP (Co-Chair)
  • Anthony Tarter – Executive Vice President of Workforce Housing & Social Impact, Bellwether Enterprise (Vice-Chair)
  • Rachel Dietemeyer – Principal, Comunidad Realty Partners (Treasurer)
  • Tracy Thompson – US Army Major General, retired (Secretary)
  • Tom Bacon – Founder, Civicap Partners
  • Ron Klabunde – Founder & CEO, Generosity Feeds (Advisory)
  • Pam West – Managing Director, Nuveen
  • Sheri Thompson – Executive Vice President, Walker & Dunlop

Relationship-Based Community Support

Bringing our services to their living rooms.