Our Proven,
Innovative Strategies

Forging stronger communities where residents
build equity for their futures.

Veritas Impact Partners is an independent 501-C3 that supports cost-burdened residents in workforce housing communities. Our mission is to provide resources and services to help residents maintain home, health, and economic advancement. Our vision is to enhance community and improve positive outcomes for residents and other stakeholders living within the community through innovative solutions in social impact.

Social Impact Program

Achieving positive impact for our communities

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Veritas formed a partnership with Teladoc and granted over 900 families the ability to seek medical advice without worry.

Teladoc and Veritas Partnership

Covid-19 inspires the first-ever partnership for the good of our residents.

Resident health is a critical piece to maintaining and stabilizing the home. Our partnership with Teladoc allows every resident and their household to have access to important primary care services.

How We Serve
Teladoc and Veritas Partnership

The Veritas  3-Pillar Solution

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Creating communities that support wellness, we provide our residents with 24/7 telehealth access and improve health literacy.



Focusing on educational achievements for our youth, we create resiliency through successful behavior coaching, homework help, and reading skill advancement.

Economic Advancement

Economic Advancement

Building financial equity through resources, we increase job performance, teach resume skills, provide home budget coaching, and more.


The Veritas Model

We foster thriving communities from isolated, apartment living environments.

With an innovative model that combines digital delivery with radical resident engagement, Veritas creates relationships that
deliver the right service at the right time.

The Veritas Model

Needs Assessment

First, we complete a unique, property-specific needs assessment. Our team identifies the critical needs of those residents and delivers a strategic social impact plan to the owners and investors.

Program Design Delivery

Veritas Impact Partners is the relationship that delivers the right service at the right time.


Building community through radical resident engagement that offers both concierge 1:1 services and a digital delivery platform that brings scalable solutions to a national crisis.


Innovative programs focusing on health & wellness, education, and economic advancement.


Cultivating and encouraging neighbor and resident leadership, leading each resident to their next step.

Transformative Results

Ultimately, what we deliver is apartment living transformed into a thriving community. This results in lower turnover, increased resident retention, and most importantly, lives transformed with better health outcomes and economic stability.

Your Community is our Mission

Our Process